Project_Frequently_Used_Command ( Generic commands)

Handy commands while working on Openstack Project with RHOSP10 and RHOSP 16 environment and HP Switches environment

  1. Command used when the introspection fails on RHOSP
sudo podman restart ironic_conductor

2. Command to check PCS status on all controllers from director using loop. IP= Controllers ip address .

for i in $IP; do ssh heat-admin@$i "hostname; sudo pcs status"; done

3. Validating JSON file

python3 -m json.tool instack.json

4. Check the Openstack Version (On Director)

cat /etc/rhosp-release

rpm -qf /etc/rhosp-release

5. Check interfaces connected to compute and controller.

openstack baremetal node list 

openstack baremetal introspection interface list 3c256b26-77bd-4df5-bfe8-4c719414b00c

6. VM on Compute node, With overcloudrc sourcing

openstack server list --all-projects --long -c "Availability Zone" -c "Name" -c "Host" -c "Status" -c "Power State" |egrep "Availability|\+|overcloud-computeims-2"

7. Copy the Certificate on Cisco MME VM’s when the synchronization fails

8. HSS manually killing process (Jeevan )

for i in nodea.AAA | awk '{print $1}' I awk '/^[0-9]+$/ {print $0}' ; do kill -9 $i ; done

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